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Volume is nice and loud, louder than my Rav Vast drums actually. I did enjoy playing it, and led me to purchase other drums. It won't sound as. "I bought this drum for personal meditation and it is a really beautiful drum. The notes ring very true, to my ears, and I find that playing. The happy drum helps in meditation and helps to keep you relax. The tongue drum is made in India and measures 22 x 22 x 14 cm. It is made of Iron. It is. Recommended for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players, the Omni is a new innovative tongue drum shape with a great sound! This drum was designed to. The HAPI Tini-Play-Along drum is excellent for playing songs and as well as free form jam sessions. The Tini is pitched as a minor scale based on A.

Hapi Drums is a set of four steel tongue drums crafted by legendary instrument makers Grahm Doe & Tricia Kelly at their workshop in the Sierra Mountain. The HAPI Omni drum was designed to harness some of the attributes of handpans into a steel tongue drum instrument. HAPI drum has combined their knowledge of. Stainless Steel Tongue Drum Set: Handpan Drum for Adults and Kids, Hapi Pan Drum Instrument for Meditation, Yoga, Relaxation, Healing, and An Unique Gift. Oh how you will love the joyful sound of these steel tongue drums! HAPI drums are perfect for all ages & drum playing abilities, you must check it out! Hapi Drums are a modern steel adaptations of the traditional African tongue drums. These rounded Hapi drums are easily portable, lightweight, and fit nicely. The HAPI Aura Drum - A Minor Pentatonic Play percussive and groovy beats if you are feeling energetic or play something soft and slow if you feel like. The HAPI Slim Drum features a sleek, portable design that makes it easy to transport. The eight-note tongue layout is designed to maximize harmonics and. HAPI Drum, Oakhurst, California. likes · 2 talking about this. Welcome to the official HAPI Drum Facebook page. Our HAPI Steel. 1. Affordability – A steel tongue drum that anyone can afford without sacrificing the quality that HAPI Drum is known for. The economy and inflation has. Happy female. Gorgeous lady play relaxing melody on hapi steel tongue drum in rock beach. Lovely young. hapi drum, steel tongue drum, tank drum Stock Photo.

contact · my request|. HAPI drums. Out of stock. HAPI Drums HAPI € ,00 · Select options · HAPI Drums HAPI Drum € ,00 – € ,00 · Select options. Our smallest and most compact steel tongue drum. Anyone who wants an easy to play intuitive instrument can play this drum. You don't need a musical background. Hapi Drums? I'm new to tongue drums and really want to try my hand at it. I understand that the quality instruments will be pretty expensive. HAPI Drum Tuning: E-Akebono, Notes: E - F# - G - B - C' - E' - F#' - G', Diameter: 12", Height: 8", Weight: 4 kg, Colour: Turquoise, Bag and mallet. A steel tongue drum with a soothing sound that will help your body and mind to unwind bringing you to a state of tranquility day or night. Handpan made by HAPI Drum since in OAKHURST. Caracteristics: Steel, Steel - 21" - - Other - Price range from to -. The HAPI Mini Tongue Drum is excellent for intuitive play, meditation, yoga, music, and sound therapy. The Mini is recommended for beginner, intermediate. HAPI Drums · HAPI Aura. $ Select options · HAPI Mini Steel Tongue. $ Select options · HAPI Omni. $ Select options · HAPI Origin. $ HAPI TINI-PLAY-ALONG DRUMThe Tini-Play-Along drum is great for playing songs and also for free form jamming. This is a minor scale based on A.

HAPI Omni Drum The Omni Drum is by far my favorite of their tongue drum type instruments. The Omni is larger and shaped differently to the others. If you're. Hapi Drums features 4 steel tongue drums, known for their strong fundamental tone with a haze of complex overtones and harmonics and a long mellow sustain. Tag @hapidrum to be featured on our page. Hapi Drum is a trademarked world wide brand of unique tongue drums and handpans. Established Photo by The. Recommended for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players. We have come to understand many unique attributes from our experience in making tongue drums. Many of the hapi drum, sold by the shops on Etsy, qualify for included shipping, such as: Sound Healing Tool Water-Fall Disk, Meditative.

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